7 Secret Steps to Achieving Your Dreams

A series of stepping stones

Many people ask me if achievement can be broken down into steps, and in my experience the answer in the majority of cases is a resounding YES!

Now don’t get me wrong – it isn’t easy, nor an exact process, but I’d love to share 7 of (what I’ve discovered to be) the secret steps the most successful people around us take to propel themselves toward their goals…

So you can take them too.

Step 1 – Inspiration

Every great achievement began in the mind of a person who dared to dream.

Allow your mind to create, run wild and think big! You might end up revisiting an old dream that has yet to come to fruition or you might create something new entirely; either way, the important message here is to let your brain engage in this process. Don’t hold yourself back.

Step 2 – Be a Believer

Once your mind has created your dream, it is important to believe it. As mentioned in step 1, it’s important to think big, however it should also be noted that it needs to be achievable (albeit through a lot of hard work, determination and perseverance).

For example, a dream to be the first person to walk on the moon is not achievable, as it’s already been done. But once you’ve safely confirmed that want you want is in the realm of possibility, then all it takes is belief to get things started.

Step 3 – Envision it

Whether you are close to achieving your dream or are just getting your journey under way, it’s important to ‘see’ it happening.

This is a technique used by professional sports people, high-flyers in business and world leaders. Train your mind to envisage yourself reaching your end goal; your body will soon follow suit and take you down that path.

Step 4 – Spread the Word

A dream that is kept to yourself is less likely to be achieved. Share it. Talk about it. Be proud of it.

This step works in two ways; firstly, by discussing it over and over your mind believes it more – you cement that belief deep within, and it becomes a certainty. Secondly, the more people you share it with the harder you will push to reach it – none of us want to be seen to underachieve or go back on our words, so this is a very simple way to give yourself accountability.

Step 5 – Plan to Succeed

There is an old saying that has always rung true for me: “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

Invest time in making a strategy to achieve your dream and revisit this regularly. By setting yourself goals and time frames for reaching them you can monitor your progress and really see yourself getting closer and closer to making it a reality.

Step 6 – Work it

Unfortunately, dreams aren’t achieved in our minds alone. It takes hard work, determination and perseverance to reach your end goal.

However, after investing your valuable time and energy, when you reach your goal it is so much more enjoyable. Take pride in the time you invest in your dream, no matter how busy your schedule, and you will reap the rewards.

Step 7 – Enjoy

Working hard is key to success, but success is nothing if you can’t enjoy it. Plan your strategy, reach your targets and make sure to take time to indulge and enjoy. You’ve earned it… so live, love and relish life!

Take the first step today, dare to dream and then make it happen.

And as always… keep your third eye open!

Peace, Love and Light to you.

– Dr. Haidar Al-hakim


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