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The 5 Cs of Conquering Burnout, by Dr. Haidar Al-Hakim, book cover

"Only a Fool Runs on Empty"...

Harsh words, yes – but if you value your ability to stay physically capable, emotionally and mentally stable, and consistently productive in your job or business...

Then these are words it pays to take to heart.

Because professional burnout is no joke.

Both as a medical professional and a coach to entrepreneurs, I've seen others go through the process like it was a revolving door of misery, and I was unfortunate enough to take my turn as well.

Back when it happened, it cost me a lot – my confidence, my self-worth, my sociability, my sense of place in the world.

But even more important than those: It almost cost me my career. It almost cost me my marriage. In the end, it almost cost me my life.

With outside assistance and a heaping of effort on my part, I managed to crawl my way back from the abyss – and became an international speaker and presenter, and a burnout-focused coach and author.

The methods, techniques, mindset shifts and personal philosophies I developed to get me back from the brink (and further ahead than I had ever been before) are chronicled in my book Physician On Fire – a 30-day guide and activity manual that has signposted the path away from burnout for ambitious, hard-working professionals across the globe.

These techniques and philosophies also underpin the content of my burnout-busting workshops, speeches, presentations, and even my personal coaching programme, The Spirited Breakthrough.

And today, I'd like to drill down a little further into those underpinnings and reveal to you the very core – what I call The 5Cs of Conquering Burnout.

Because whether you're:

  • A medical professional
  • An established entrepreneur
  • Trying to build a new business, or
  • Employed in a high-pressure industry

Chances are you've pushed beyond your limits and found yourself "running on empty" more often than you'd like to admit. And if there's one thing of which I can assure you, it's that the more you keep going on an empty tank, the worse it's going to get.

For you. For your business partners. For the employees who rely on you. For the children who look up to you. For the loved ones who want only what's best for you.

It will not fix itself.

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And best of all? You don't need to turn your life upside down for any of this to work. I'm not going to tell you to do yoga, meditate three times a day, drink raw blended kale for breakfast or bathe in coconut oil to birth your inner angel spirit.

None of that jazz. The solution is already inside you – I'll just show you how to unlock it in real, tangible terms.

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