Surgical Spirit Episode 23:
Dr. Aman Arora


This episode, I'm joined by portfolio GP and entrepreneur Dr. Aman Arora of Arora Medical Education.

Dedicated to helping practicing doctors and medical students in training to breeze through their exams (such as the MRGCP), Dr. Arora focuses full time on ensuring every trainee gets what they need in the way that they need it.

He's also a certified meditation trainer – something that feeds into our chat about:

  • His approach to medical education in UK
  • Why he's most productive in the morning
  • The importance of having a "why" behind your choice of career
  • How to improve your mindset when approaching professional exams
  • How easy it is to get engulfed by entrepreneurship and lose perspective on your own personal life and the things that really matter
  • Why the fear of failure is infinitely worse than failure itself
  • The power of perspective, and how Dr. Arora helps his students attain the best frame of mind for exam success.

And loads more... all in just 30 minutes!

Push play, sit back, and enjoy.

To catch up with Dr. Arora and his work, check out the official Arora Medical Education website, and connect with him on Twitter and YouTube for more great content.

Dr. Aman Arora

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