Surgical Spirit Episode 24:
Dr. Hussain Gandhi


Dr. Hussain Gandhi (aka. Dr. Gandalf) is a GP partner and trainer at the Nottingham Wellspring Surgery. He is also the owner of eGPlearning, co-host of the eGPlearning Podblast and S1 FBUG.

Sporting a huge love for board games and technology, Dr. Gandhi joins me today to talk about:

  • The vaccination debate: anti-vaxxers vs. the wider medical community.
  • The benefits and advantages of questioning medical authority.
  • The consequences of, and potential solutions to, the stresses of workload and fast-paced living for doctors and the general public.
  • Our rapid loss of GPs in the NHS.
  • Why physician burnout is almost inevitable unless things change.
  • His love for geek culture and adopting the name Dr. Gandalf.
  • How technology will to change how medical care is delivered – digital healthcare, medtech, AI, and NHSX.
  • His personal initiative to introduce board games as a social activity for self-care and mental health for both doctors and patients.
  • And more!

Catch up with Dr. Gandalf on Twitter, and at the EGPL website and Twitter account.

Dr. Hussain Gandhi (Dr. Gandalf)

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