Surgical Spirit Episode 25:
Kirsten Goodwin


Executive and career coach Kirsten Goodwin joins me on today's podcast to speak about her personal experiences and history with:

- Professional burnout.

- CFS (Chronic Fatigue) / ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

- Being caught in a negative loop of perfectionism and achievement throughout her life, only to suffer a devastating crash.

- How Phil Parker's Lightning ProcessĀ® helped her make tremendous positive strides in life.

- Why some basic neuroscience can help us understand how powerfully our thoughts can control us... if we let them.

- How she managed to make the change she so desperately needed, plus her TOP TIPS for building self awareness and fortifying against stress and burnout in the higher echelons of entrepreneurship, education, and the workplace.

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Dr. Hussain Gandhi (Dr. Gandalf)

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