Surgical Spirit Episode 27:
Dr. Adam Harrison


Today I'm joined by Dr. Adam Harrison – medical doctor, qualified barrister and founder of DocLaw.

In this episode we tackle the notion of professionalism both inside and outside of the medical industry. We ask what professionalism truly means – from the early days of medical school and throughout medical training, all the way to real-world practice and the impact of controversial events such as the case of Dr. Hadiza Bawa-Garba.

On top of that, we take a look at medical leadership. What makes for a good leader? How can you tell if you're as good a leader as you think you could be?

And how can you change your mindset to help you overcome criticism and setbacks over the course of a highly stressful professional career?

We might just have a few answers... though we definitely have plenty of opinions! Enjoy!

Dr. Adam Harrison

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