Surgical Spirit Episode 28:
Dr. Namir Hassan


In this episode, I'm joined by Dr. Namir Hassan, CSO of Zelluna Immunotherapy.

London-based, Dr. Hassan regularly commutes to offices in Olso for work. Starting from this base, we talk about his lengthy history in biotech and the pharmaceutical industry, along with:

  • Where he works best: at home or abroad?
  • How to remain focused and productive during an international commute.
  • His top book recommendations for productivity, adaptability, and inspiration.
  • How he reconciles science and religion, given his outstanding knowledge of immunology.
  • His philosophy behind serving as a leader and building and maintaining the best teams at work.
  • How he manages his lifestyle to keep energised for such a demanding international role.

All this and even more, in less than 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Catch up with Dr. Nassan and his work over on LinkedIn.

Dr. Namir Hassan

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