Surgical Spirit Episode 29:
Angie Nisbet


In this episode, I'm joined by clinician turned organisational development specialist Angie Nisbet of Care by Design.

Host of regular workshops on how to develop the leadership skills required to guide public service transformation in the 21st Century, Angie also heavily focuses her work toward building sustainable and person-centred systems within healthcare.

Today, we chat about:

  • How Angie first got her start in the healthcare sector, and when the problems within began to come to light for her.
  • How studying the Japanese approach to organisational development helped her find her own driving inspiration for reform.
  • The leadership qualities that allow creation of proactive care systems that empower workers and deliver better outcomes across the board.
  • Why fewer rules in a system is better -- because the harder you push the system, the harder it pushes back.
  • Dealing with struggles in NHS resourcing and inefficient systems across different healthcare divisions.

Plus a whole lot more!

I hope you enjoy the episode. Make sure to connect and check in on Angie's ongoing work over on Twitter and at the Care by Design website.


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