Surgical Spirit Episode 30:
Dr. Lorraine Dickey


In this special "Summer Outdoors" episode, I'm joined by Dr. Lorraine Dickey of The Narrative Initiative.

After seeing her career trajectory in healthcare stall due to a catastrophic skiing accident, Dr. Dickey almost lost the ability to perform the work she loved so dearly.

But she bounced back with a fury, and in the process discovered just how important the "care" part of healthcare truly is for patients and their families... and even for doctors.

Join us as we enjoy the sun and chat about Dr. Dickey's story, our mutual connection with (and inspiration from) Dr. Catherine Crock, plus a range of topics from the need for kindness and compassion during diagnosis and treatment...

... to the ways medical professionals must listen and behave to foster true communication with those in their care.

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Photo of Dr. Lorraine Dickey

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