Surgical Spirit Season 2 Episode 1:
Dr. Bhasha Mukherjee


Surgical Spirit is back with the first episode of Season 2.

In this edition, Dr. Haidar Al-Hakim is joined by qualified medical doctor and Miss England 2019 winner Bhasha Mukherjee!

Join us as Dr. Mukherjee discusses:

  • Her quest to use the glamourous platform of beauty pageants as a way to amplify her message of proactive healthcare...
  • Her work alongside Diabetes UK
  • The key to managing her mental health
  • Surviving medical school
  • The early role models that inspired and encouraged her
  • Her advice to young women looking to their future...

... and so much more.

Only on the Surgical Spirit podcast.

Photo of Dr. Bhasha Mukherjee

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