Surgical Spirit Season 2 Ep 4:
Dr. Paul Polyvios


We're getting controversial with Dr. Paul Polyvios in this episode of the Surgical Spirit podcast.

Among the topics covered is Dr. Polyvios's own podcast, A Doctor's View, plus:

  • Paul's thoughts on the body positivity movement
  • The effects of political correctness
  • Anti-vaxxer propaganda and confident liars
  • Men's health
  • Taking aim at the world of LinkedIn, coaching charlatans and desperation marketing
  • The value of professional hierarchies
  • How advances in medtech (medical technology) may negatively impact the human element of healthcare
  • His biggest bugbears about the current state of the NHS

And loads, loads more.

Hold onto your hats, because this is one outspoken, honest, and lovingly critical episode that pulls no punches!

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Photo of Dr. Paul Polyvios

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