Surgical Spirit Season 2 Ep 5:
Dr. Shan Hussain


In this Yuletide episode of Surgical Spirit, the gloves are off as dangerous duo Dr. Haidar Al-Hakim and Dr. Shan Hussain unload about everything they love and hate about:

  • The state of NHS healthcare
  • Their relationships with organisations such as the GMC
  • Politically-bent patient perspectives
  • Shan's own recent experience of suffering a heart attack
  • The modern rise of scammy life coaches
  • Trying not to swear on the radio

... and loads more!

Frankly, it's not as negative as it sounds. Tune in and chill out!

Check out Dr. Hussain's podcast, Enduring Health, on Apple Podcasts here.

Photo of Dr. Shan Hussain

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