Surgical Spirit Season 2 Ep 11:
The Rawesome Female Foursome


Dr. Nighat Arif, Dr. Fizzah Ali and Gayle Hammill join Dr. Haidar Al-Hakim for a female-centric roundtable episode of Surgical Spirit!

Dr. Nighat Arif is a private/NHS GP, women's health expert and regular host on BBC Three Counties Radio.

Dr. Fizzah Ali is a brain doctor, editor-in-chief at Medical Woman Magazine, plus a writer and speaker.

Gayle Hammill is a psychotherapist, parenting expert, relationship therapist, speaker on mental health, and expert for BBC Three Counties Radio.

Join these wonderful ladies as they discuss a wide range of topics, including:

- The unique difficulties faced by women in the workplace, especially in healthcare.
- Gender inequality in society, and what we can do about it.
- The positive and negative impacts of culture and media.
- Stress, burnout, and the effects these can have on the compassionate capacities of overworked doctors.

All this, and more – not to mention plenty of bants!


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