The Spirited Breakthrough

Join “The Doctor of Doctors” For Your Unique, One-on-One Burnout-Busting Programme.

The exhaustion…

The confusion…

The shattered confidence…

The desire to leave it all behind…

And so much more.

The destructive effects of professional burnout can’t be overstated. It literally ruins lives.

That’s why I created The Spirited Breakthrough.

What Is It?

The Spirited Breakthrough is my unique one-to-one therapeutic coaching course, specifically designed to help professionals like yourself avoid or escape the horrifying consequences of burnout.

Over a carefully planned six week period, the course provides you with all of the tools and techniques you need to regain control of your life, your career… and yourself.

So you can finally start living the way you want to — not how the rest of the world demands.

Using a combination of cognitive processes, daily activities, hypnotherapy, introspection, management techniques and more, The Spirited Breakthrough helps you:

  • Regain your sense of purpose and direction

    Discover the primary root causes of your current situation, and how to adjust your behaviour to reflect your true desires.

  • Focus on what's best for you

    Deeply analyse your wants and needs — pinpoint the things that motivate and drive you, and direct your focus to them.

  • Enjoy life with unclouded vision

    Get back to where you used to be — rebuild your positive outlook on life and share that freedom and fulfilment with your family and loved ones once again.

  • Feel confident, rewarded and truly alive

    Restore the self-confidence that burnout quickly robs you of. Learn to celebrate yourself and your achievements — and prove to yourself that yes, you’re worthy of every ounce of your success.

  • Take back control

    Steer your life back on track with easy-to-use techniques that let you manage your time, your mind and your body — so you feel fully in control and never overwhelmed by stress.

  • And so much more

    All of the above just scratches the surface of everything The Spirited Breakthrough can help you achieve in just six weeks. Together, we’ll bring back the old you. That’s a promise.

Want to Know More?

You won’t find The Spirited Breakthrough process anywhere but here (for now). Developed entirely from my own experience and insights into the workings of the medical industry — and the people within it — every participant in this unique programme is kept firmly under my wing.

As you’d expect, spaces on the programme are very limited so that every participant gets the necessary effort and attention from me.

If I could sit down with you today and zap you six weeks into the future to show how much your life — and your business — has improved, I know you wouldn’t hesitate to join The Spirited Breakthrough straight away.

Sadly, I can’t do that… but if you’d like to know more about the process and check for available spaces, simply complete the form below and we’ll arrange a quick, no obligation chat.

Because you deserve to be everything you want to be… not just a cog in a wheel, and not just another statistic.

Note: If you’d prefer to book a single coaching session (or block of sessions) rather than go all-in on The Spirited Breakthrough, you can do that by clicking here to get in touch .


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