The Top 4 Reasons You Should Celebrate Every Day

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In my experience, there’s one thing you’ll find that successful professionals commonly do on a regular basis.

One thing that, if YOU do it each day, will make you a lot happier…

It hasn’t got anything to do with money, lounging on the beach or hiding away from whichever pressures you’re feeling right now.

It’s much simpler. And more fun.

In fact, it’s to celebrate.

You see, successful individuals and organisations know that to maintain positive momentum, they need to celebrate often. You can see it all around you – and I’ll bet that if you’ve spent any decent length of time in a corporate atmosphere, you’ll have been involved in a number of these celebrations.

Company days, corporate retreats, drinks on the house following a business breakthrough – all forms of celebration, recognising the good stuff involved in success beyond merely the bottom line.

In Eastern cultures, there are even specific periods throughout the year where all they do is celebrate – for days, or even weeks.

But here in the West, we’ve forgotten that. We allow our culture to tell us that celebrating – taking time for ourselves to reflect and recognise the positive things surrounding our achievements, is for slackers

For people who don’t work hard. We let ourselves believe that those who take this time are exactly the kind of people who don’t deserve it – which is a horribly twisted point of view if you ask me.

Especially when those who do celebrate are generally the most successful among us!

Here are my top 4 reasons why taking time out each day to celebrate your victories is crucial to growing a formidable mindset:


  1. When you celebrate, you’re more likely to be present.

The present is where the power is – and when you’re present in it, you can harness that power. Being alive in the moment with a sense of gratitude helps keep you anchored there – present, alert and focused… not drifting off into worries about the future or regrets of the past.

Here’s what I call the “Accomplishment Cycle”:

The Third Eye Doctor's Accomplishment Cycle

First, you have an idea.

Then you decide that it’s something you want to carry out.

So you focus on the idea, refine it.

Next you take action, implementing your idea.

With your realised idea at work, you get results and feedback.

Now you feel gratitude – an appreciation of the feedback and results that you have gained.

The final step is celebration. If you don’t celebrate your achievement after recognising it, the accomplishment cycle is broken. You need to process that gratitude for the cycle to complete.

As I said, the present is power, and celebrating lets you stay there – forging on to the next idea without distraction.


  1. Celebration gives emotional nourishment.

We all need love and recognition, and the most fulfilling form of this is SELF love (alright, not in that way… but have at it if you want to!), SELF recognition and SELF respect.

If you’re celebrating regularly, you provide yourself with that nourishment. You’re more likely to feel in tune with yourself – opening the door to self respect, self belief and, when you project that into the world, the positivity from others that comes as a result.


  1. It’s a great way of increasing your confidence.

Celebrating your achievements helps you be shameless in your self-promotion. This is NOT a bad thing!

Celebrate your successes, and others take notice. When you’re confident in the outcome of using your skills, you just know that you’re good. Why wouldn’t it make sense to let others know this? If nobody knows what you’ve done – what you’ve achieved – how can they make the informed decision to associate with and bond with you?

Celebration breeds confidence.

And there’s a big difference between confidence and arrogance. It isn’t arrogant to recognise and show the world your own achievements.

Confidence is when you know you’re good, and you open it out to the world and let them see it. Arrogance is when you know you aren’t good, and you hide that fact from the world.

Don’t shy away – get yourself out there.


  1. You get more of what you focus on.

Where the focus goes, the energy flows. Focus on celebrating your achievements, your life, and all the positive things around you… no matter how small. You get more of what you’re looking for, and when you focus on positivity, you encourage its existence in the world around you.

And when you’re regularly celebrating, you’ll find even more reasons to celebrate – because celebrating feels good, doesn’t it?

When something feels good, we want more of it. So go get yourself some more celebration. That’s an order!


What I Want You to Do Now

Now that you’re here, I want you to take a moment and pencil 10 minutes into your daily routine to celebrate.

Look to yourself without shame, be honest and you’ll find plenty of reasons to celebrate – all that you have in your life, all you’ve achieved.

Even the smallest things are enough to be positively recognised, and once you’re in the swing of things try increasing the amount of time you spend… and watch as your endless cycle of positivity propels you forward into greater and greater accomplishments.

When you’re unashamed of recognising and celebrating all the good that you do, your third eye will open in no time.

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